About Facilitatrix

Facilitatrix is a leading provider of NDIS and privately funded services including specialist and non-specialist support coordination; case management; allied health services; mentoring; and advocacy services. We are proud to work with people of all abilities and backgrounds, as well as their families, support networks and communities.

In addition to our core services, we are also passionate about social impact, promoting human rights and creating sustainable partnerships that strengthen the capacity of the community and the human services sector.

We specialise in services that relate to adult guardianship and administration, having extensive experience in this area, and offer a range of specialist consultancy services for individuals, families and agencies within the community services sector.

Our training and consultancy services aim to improve the quality of the services that agencies within the community and human services sector provide and to strengthen the capacity of the sector to achieve outstanding outcomes for the people that they support, through the implementation of contemporary support models and best practice.

Our Vision

  • To build a community that audaciously promotes human rights, embraces diversity and strives for best practice service delivery, so that all can contribute and belong.

Our Purpose

  • To redefine the standards of quality service provision within our sector by providing leadership to others and facilitating flexible, responsive and targeted services that build the capacity of individuals, practitioners, families and communities.

Our Values

  • Facilitating Connection - we build strong partnerships with the individuals we work with, their families/carers and other organisations; connecting people to their communities and supporting them to increase their independence and build better lives. 
  • Equity & Social Justice - we fight for people to be treated fairly and without judgement by nurturing collaboration and inclusion and maintaining our knowledge of the systems they may need to navigate.
  • Acceptance & Belonging - we work with people from all walks of life irrespective of their lifestyle choices; embracing difference and fostering diversity of thought. We promote diversity within our team and value the different life experiences our staff can bring to the workplace.
  • Courage & Fearlessness - we have confidence and courage in our convictions that enables us to take on what others won’t and vigorously assist people to stand up for their rights; walking alongside individuals and families whatever their journey may be.
  • Creativity in Action - we think outside the square, offering dynamic services that promote individuality and freedom of expression. We constantly strive to be solution-focussed, at both an individual and systemic level. 

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