NDIS Funded Services

DSC Funded Services

Facilitatrix offers specialised services within the disability sector with a focus on promoting independence and fostering sustainable community connections so that individuals will ultimately require less formal supports and interventions. As such our main focus is on providing short to medium term or episodic support.

We have a team of highly skilled staff with wide-ranging professional backgrounds, extensive industry experience and well-established networks that enables us to provide a range of unique and individualised services.

Assistance with Accommodation & Tenancy Obligations

Support is provided to guide, prompt or undertake activities to ensure the individual obtains/retains appropriate accommodation. The level of support provided depends on the person's own skills and abilities. Support is provided and/or overseen by staff who have skills and experience in housing and tenancy support. Support may include assistance to apply for a rental tenancy/undertake tenancy obligations.

We also offer short-term transitional support to ensure coordination of supports that will enable the individual to obtain or maintain accommodation during periods of transition. For example moving from one service provider to another or while transitioning to NDIS funding. This will include making sure that the person's rent and utility accounts are paid and that tenancy obligations are met.

Assistance with Lifestyle Decision-making/daily Planning

We provide time limited support to assist individuals to develop decision-making skills for day to day living, using a supported decision-making model.

Where a guardian has been appointed the person will be supported to liaise with the guardian and, where appropriate, support will be provided to assist the person to become more independent with regard to decision making and seek a review of the guardianship order if they wish.

Assistance with Financial Decision-making, Daily Planning & Budgeting

Time limited support is provided to assist the person to develop & maintain a budget including set up of periodic payments and planning major purchases. Periodic review of that budget to ensure it is being maintained by the person can also be provided.

Where an administrator has been appointed the person will be supported to liaise with the administrator and, where appropriate, support will be provided to assist the person to become more independent with regard to financial decision making and seek a review of the administration order if they wish.


We offer one to one mentoring to support individuals to achieve specific goals and develop skills. Mentors are matched with the individual based on shared interests and general compatibility with individuals being involved in the recruitment and selection of their mentor, if they wish. We believe that mentoring should focus on the development of sustainable skills that empower individuals to function more independently in the future and foster interests that will lead to an increased quality of life.

Coordination of Supports

We are a leading provider of specialist and non-specialist support coordination and take on all matters including those where other service providers may have withdrawn and/or the individual may be in crisis. The focus of our coordination role is to empower the individual and develop their capacity as well as that of their support networks with a major focus on sustainability.

Life Transition Planning

We offer short term interventions to support individuals who are experiencing significant periods of change or transition or at times when there is increasing complexity concerning their situation.

In particular we can offer support to those who may need to transition from disability supports into an aged care setting or for young people who may be leaving the care of the Department for Child Protection & Family Support.

Employment Assistance

For more information about our services please contact us on 0420 849 475 or email enquiries@facilitatrix.com.au

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