Complex Case Coordination

We provide short to medium-term case coordination for vulnerable adults, the aged and people with disabilities. Our case coordination team have many years of experience in providing professional case coordination services and will develop and implement a plan to meet the needs of the individual.

Our Case Coordination team provide:

  • Comprehensive needs assessment
  • Individualised planning
  • Referral to other agencies, as required
  • Assistance to explore funding and support options
  • Assistance to secure the appropriate funding and support, where eligible
  • Practical assistance with shopping, social support and transport to appointments, on a short-term or interim basis
  • Professional coordination of inter-agency service delivery, where a central point of contact is required


Our consultant’s have many years of experience in providing professional advocacy services for vulnerable adults, the aged and people with disabilities. We can provide professional advocacy and advice on a range of issues, including, but not limited to:

  • guardianship and administration
  • tenancy and housing
  • legal issues
  • conflict resolution
  • access to services or healthcare

Our clients will be empowered, wherever possible, to advocate on their own behalf and/or to gain additional skills, knowledge and confidence in addressing these issues, independently in the future.

Guardianship & Administration

We have over 13 years combined experience working directly in the guardianship and administration system in Western Australia. We have intimate knowledge of the processes involved in applying for, appealing and revoking guardianship and administration orders both in Western Australia and interstate, as well as extensive knowledge of the relevant legislation, having both worked as senior guardians and investigators for the Office of the Public Advocate.

We provide the following services in relation to guardianship and administration:

  • Assistance with applications and appeals to the State administrative Tribunal
  • Advocacy for family members who are involved in the guardianship and administration system
  • Representation and support for clients or their family members at hearings of the State Administrative Tribunal
  • Liaison with guardians from the Office of the Public Advocate
  • Independent supervision of contact where a guardian has determined that this is required
  • Independent assessments on the need for guardianship and administration
  • Conciliation and mediation aimed at preventing the need for guardianship/administration orders
  • Conciliation, mediation, advocacy and support in seeking revocation of orders
  • Counselling for family members or those under guardianship/administration who are unhappy with their situation

Disability and Aged Care Placement

The transition from home to residential care can be an emotionally trying time for the person going into care, as well as their loved ones. This can be exacerbated by a lack of understanding of how the aged care and disability systems work and the various processes involved in obtaining the right placement.

Our Aged Care Placement Package may include:

  • A comprehensive package of services to suit your needs and budget
  • Comprehensive assessment of your individual needs and circumstances
  • Assistance with gaining the relevant funding and/or approval for care, including referral to ACAT if required
  • Assistance to short-list and view a range of facilities
  • Assistance to complete assets assessment and applications for waitlisting
  • Assistance to complete Enduring Powers of Attorney or Guardianship
  • Assistance with post-move considerations such as mail redirection, care of pets and change of health care provider
  • Referral to a financial advisor, if required

Our Disability Placement Package may include:

  • A comprehensive package of services to suit your needs and budget
  • Comprehensive assessment of your individual needs and circumstances
  • Assistance with gaining the relevant funding and/or approval for care
  • Referral for cognitive or functional assessment if required for registration with the Disability Services Commission
  • Assistance to short-list a range of disability service providers
  • Exploration of the types of accommodation being offered by each agency, including assistance to view accommodation
  • Assistance to complete applications for waitlisting
  • Assistance with post-move considerations such as mail redirection, care of pets and change of health care provider

We have extensive knowledge of the various accommodation options currently available within the disability and aged care sectors in Perth and are committed to supporting each client to find the right accommodation to meet their individual needs.

Supervised Contact

We understand that from time to time relationships can be problematic and that family and friends may need additional support, to enable them to have ongoing contact with a loved one. We can assist by providing experienced professionals to oversee contact in those circumstances where authorities, such as a legally appointed guardian, have determined that this is required.

We aim to assist families and friends to maintain regular contact with their loved one and can provide feedback on the success of that contact, to other parties, or to the authorities concerned, where appropriate.We also aim to provide flexible services at times that are suitable to all parties, including weekends and evenings, by negotiation. Services are available across the Perth metropolitan area.

We can assist in providing professional and independent supervision, in various circumstances, including:

  • For elderly residents of aged care facilities, where restrictions have been imposed on their visitors access to the facility.
  • For adults with disabilities, where their guardian may have imposed conditions on the nature of their contact with others.
  • For parents with cognitive disabilities, who may be restricted from having contact with their children, unless supervised.
  • To support older people and people with disabilities to visit loved ones who may be incarcerated.

Training and Community Education

Facilitatrix offers both corporate training for community organisations in the agedcare and disability sectors as well as education sessions for community groups.

Our customised in-house training can be adapted to suit the needs of particularagencies and we apply a collaborative approach to ensure that training opportunitiesfor your staff are maximised. Our facilitators are industry professionals who havemany years’ experience in aged care and disability, as well as public speakingand community education.

We welcome feedback fromparticipants of our trainingsessions so that we can provide any additional information requested, adviseagencies of further training needs and ensure that we are meeting the trainingrequirements of the agency concerned.

Examples of training we offer include:

  • Guardianship and Administration in Western Australia
  • Medical consent – what all service providers need to know
  • Identifying and dealing with elder abuse
  • Disability and sexuality
  • Managing Conflict and Conflict Resolution

For community groups we can tailor education sessions to meet your members’needs.

Examples of sessions we provide include:

  • Executing an Enduring Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Guardianship
  • Future planning and what everyone should know
  • Identifying and dealing with elder abuse
  • Choosing aged care accommodation

Counselling, Conciliation & Mediation

We are committed to supporting clients and their families to maintain positive relationships and healthy lifestyles. We offer a variety of services to support individuals and their families at difficult times in their lives.

Please note that where specialist input outside of our area of expertise is required, we will offer referral to an appropriate health care professional.


We offer counselling on a range of issues, including:

  • Adjusting to disability or illness
  • Transition to residential care
  • Guardianship & Administration
  • Loss of Independence
  • Abuse & Exploitation
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Trauma


Where there is disagreement within a family concerning the care and welfare of a loved one, we are able to offer a conciliation service, which aims to negotiate an outcome that is agreeable to all parties. Issues that may be conciliated include:

  • Determining an aged care placement suitable to various parties
  • Negotiating contact arrangements between loved ones
  • Negotiating agreement regarding medical treatment
  • Resolving conflict or disagreement between family members
  • Resolving disagreement between family members and health professionals
  • Negotiating agreement regarding the types of support services that a family member may require access to

We specialise in providing conciliation for families, where, if their differences are not resolved, their loved one may be placed under guardianship and/or administration.

Please note that conciliation is a voluntary process and therefore this service can only be offered, where all parties concerned have agreed to participate.


Our mediation service will be available from February 2015. Our mediation services have a particular focus on resolving family conflict and preventing the need for a guardian and/or administrator to be appointed; or where a guardian and/or administrator has already been appointed working towards the possibility of having those orders revoked.

Music & Art Therapy

Explore your creativity, connect with others and experience the joy and healing power of music and art through our inspired art workshops.

  • Individual and group sessions available
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Opportunities for reflection and self-discovery
  • Explore feelings and thoughts in a relaxed and supportive space
  • Workshops tailored to meet the needs of the group or individual
  • Private mentoring sessions available with professional musicians and artists


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Acknowledgement of Country

The Facilitatrix Team is situated on Whadjuk Nyoongar Boodjar and works across the lands known as Western Australia. We have staff located across the lands known as Australia.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians throughout these lands, and pay our respects to their Elders, past and present. We recognise the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities’ strength and resilience in the face of colonisation and honour their continuing connection to land, water, and skies. We support the values that they have lived, for generations: inclusivity, sustainability, and regeneration.

Aboriginal FlagTorres Strait Flag

Acknowledgement of Lived Experience

We recognise and support the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and are committed to upholding the convention and supporting carers, families, service providers and the community to do the same. We acknowledge and respect the unique experiences of those with a lived experience of disability.

Disability Flag

Acknowledgement of Diversity

We embrace diversity and support the elimination of all forms of discrimination, welcoming people irrespective of their age, faith, cultural background, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, neurodiversity, ethnicity, and perspective.

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