Guardianship & Administration

We have over 15 years combined experience working directly in the guardianship and administration system in Western Australia. We have intimate knowledge of the processes involved in applying for, appealing and revoking guardianship and administration orders both in Western Australia and interstate, as well as extensive knowledge of the relevant legislation, having both worked as senior guardians and investigators for the Office of the Public Advocate.

We provide the following services in relation to guardianship and administration:

  • Assistance with applications and appeals to the State Administrative Tribunal
  • Advocacy for family members who are involved in the guardianship and administration system
  • Representation and support for people and/or their family members at hearings of the State Administrative Tribunal
  • Advocacy and liaison with public and private guardians and administrators
  • Independent supervision of contact where a guardian has determined that this is required
  • Independent assessments on the need for guardianship and administration
  • Conciliation and mediation aimed at preventing the need for guardianship/administration orders
  • Conciliation, mediation, advocacy and support in seeking revocation of orders
  • Counselling for family members or those under guardianship/administration who are unhappy with their situation
  • We also have access to a range of allied health professionals who can provide specialist assessment in relation to cognitive function or capacity, functional ability and assessment of the home environment as well as the need for mobility aids and/or equipment.
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