Sukhi Tear

Director/Senior Consultant 

Diploma in Social Work (DipSw), Degree Human Services; Masters Social Science (deferred).

 0420 859 722

Sukhi has a Diploma in Social Work qualifying in the UK, and has worked in the social care industry for over 25 years across a number of jurisdictions that include England (London), the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra) and Western Australia (Perth).  Sukhi acquired her degree in Human Services in Canberra and continued her studies in Perth; commencing her Masters in Social Sciences.  Due to conflicting priorities, Sukhi had to defer this, although the research itself has been completed.

Sukhi started her career as a fresh-faced, extremely naïve 19 year old working as an administrator in a women’s refuge. The refuge offered the safety and sanctuary that women and their children were seeking having fled their violent and abusive partners. Sukhi was quickly awakened to the social injustices, deprivation and disadvantage experienced by vulnerable social groups; and hence decided that she wanted to work in social care whereby she could make a positive difference to those in need of assistance.

Sukhi strongly believes in Social Justice for all and has been supporting and advocating for a wide range of vulnerable client groups that include adults and children with disabilities & mental ill health; survivors of domestic violence; statutory child and adult protection; Out of Home Care; homelessness and those living with alcohol & drug dependency.

Sukhi relocated to Canberra from London at the end of 2008 as a child protection social worker. She worked and travelled around the East Coast of Australia to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide and visited Perth for a long weekend. She and her family deciding that Perth was ‘’just right..’’ and so moved inter-state to Perth in September 2010.

Sukhi has extensive experience in the statutory child protection arena; working directly with clients and their families at the coldface (with sleeves rolled up), trying to undertake the preventative work so children could remain with their families; as well as making applications for relevant Court Orders to ensure children were protected if parents were unable to make changes in their parenting capacity.  Sukhi has given evidence under cross examination in the Children’s, Magistrates and High Court’s in London as well as relevant Courts in Canberra, and was commended for her work by the High Court Judge in London for the work she undertook in an extremely difficult and complex children’s matter.  

Sukhi has also worked as a Guardian in the Office of the Public Advocate’s office here in Perth. She has sound knowledge of the Guardianship and Administration System; and focussed her research on whether the Guardianship & Administration System in WA upheld the human rights of people with disabilities. Sukhi’s key area of interest lies in advocacy, human rights and social justice; ensuring that all client contact should be done through honest, transparent and respectful communication and engagement.